Interested in White Label Food Ordering App?

So, you are interested in white label food ordering app reseller program. You are at the right place!

If you run a web agency, or a marketing agency, or you’re reselling mobile apps through other white label providers – you are always thinking about offering more services to your customers. Reselling online food ordering tools and features under your own brand could be the way to go.

Some businesses, however, are determined to create their own solution. Reinventing the wheel cost money, it is a time consuming process and you must have ‘thick skin’ because it is a very stressful journey. You will have to make the same mistakes that others before you already made and mastered. Reinventing the wheel will dramatically slow down your time to market and sell your product. You will spend too much time and money developing tools and solutions that already exist. All of this can be easily avoided simply if you decide for a white label solution, rather than building one yourself.

OK, but what is the white label solution?

White label refers to a fully supported product or service, that’s made by one company, but sold by another. White label product comes with your own brand, logo and identity, allowing customers to associate the product with your brand.

What are the benefits of becoming a white label reseller?

Becoming a white label reseller has many benefits.

  1. Small capital needed to start: Most of white label programs are not expensive, which leaves you with more money to put towards marketing and sales. For a small initial fee and/or monthly fees, you can start your own small business as “Online Food Ordering” reseller.
  2. No tech skills required: Anyone can become a white label reseller, regardless whether or not you have tech skills. You can focus on growing your business without have to worry about bug fixes, technical support and any development headaches.
  3. Everything under your brand: When you become a white label reseller, everything is under your brand. This enables you to maintain brand consistency and promote your business instead of someone else’s. When a restaurant needs online ordering tool, they will be signing up with you directly!
  4. Additional revenue stream: By adding a white label tool to your existing offering, you will be market-ready in no time. With us, getting you up and running as a white label reseller takes about a week.
  5. Deployment is quick with a market-ready solution: If you’re trying to create your own online ordering system, development will take years to complete. By the time you release the product, your customers have already gone elsewhere, and technology has advanced. When you are reselling a product, you don’t have to spend time developing your own system. You can start selling your new solution to existing and new customers straight away! This will help you enter the multi-billion dollar food industry faster.

What about The Cookie Dining white label reseller program?

The Cookie Dining online food ordering white label reseller program is one of the best white label programs on the market. We have awesome features and cool YouTube channel you can check out!

  1. 100% white label solution: Everything is under your brand, from the control panel to order notifications. No one will ever know that you’re reselling The Cookie Dining solution.
  2. Epic customer & technical support: We will handle all bug fixes and new feature requests so you can focus on sales and growing your small business.
  3. Ordering mobile apps: We will publish ordering mobile apps for your clients with a “Powered By Your Company” message on the splash screen. You will be able to offer ordering mobile apps for Android smart phones and tablets, iPhone & iPad, Android & Apple Watch. By December 2016, we ill expand our offering to XBOX, Car Navigations, Smart TV and Apple TV ordering apps.
  4. Payment processing included: We support Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discovery out of the box, and we can process over 140 currencies in the world. Apple Pay and Android Pay are coming soon.
  5. Early access: We’re adding new features every month. You will get instant access to all new features and system improvements. Feel free to suggest a feature, and we will consider integrating it!

If you are interested in learning more about our white label solution, feel free to email us at hello@thecookiedining.com and ask for more info!

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