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How to crush it as online food ordering white label reseller

The question I get asked a lot is how to crush it as online food ordering white label reseller.

Online food ordering industry is booming. This is the perfect timing to get involved in one of the fastest growing industry in the world. With the right tools & skills in your corner, you can be very successful.

Think of your new business as a marathon. It will take time for you to understand the food industry, and it will take time to educate restaurant owners about what you are actually selling. The problem I noticed when talking to restaurant owners is that they don’t understand technology enough, and this is why they are hesitant to include it in their day to day business.

Restaurant industry is one of the slowest technology adopting industries. Just go to your local Greek restaurant website and check it out. I guarantee you that it will look like it got trapped in time, and stayed in 1999. Most of restaurants operate under “if it ain’t broken – don’t fix it”, and that was fine until now. In 2016, you have to be where your customers eyes and ears are: their cell phones. Most of restaurants are selling and storytelling like it is 1999, and this is your big opportunity to crush the market.

The only thing you will need is a skills toolbox. But, not just any toolbox.


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In order for any business to be successful it has to solve a problem. It doesn’t matter if it is B2B or B2C, if you’re not solving a problem – you will fail.

Ask yourself, what problem are you solving as a white label reseller? I want you to think about it for 5 minutes, write down on a piece of paper what problems you think you’re solving and come back here.

While you’re thinking, check out this great song.

OK, lets continue.

Why do you think Uber is successful? The answer is simple. They are successful because they sell time. With one button you can order a car and go where ever you want.

Your case as a white label reseller is nothing different. You are selling time and convenience to both restaurants, and their customers.

Think about it. If you tried to order food from a restaurant over the phone, you either get a busy line, or if you actually talk to a person it takes forever for them to write down your order, write down your name, phone number and your address if it is for delivery. Than, if you are like me, you will end up forgetting what you want to eat in first 10 seconds of the phone call, even after you spent past 20 minutes reading the menu. The end result is: in most cases, you will end up ordering food you’re not sure of, you had a rushed experience and the ordering process took way longer than you expected.


Now, lets put our “restaurant employee” hat on and see the same process on their side. They have 10-15 people in front of them, trying to order and pay for the food. Than the phone rings. It is a delivery order for a plumbing company just few blocks away, and they need 20 burgers and 3 salads. By now, you are panicking because the line of customers in front of you just got bigger by 10 more people and you’re still on the phone. The end result is: customers in front of you are not happy, customers on the phone are not happy and you, you are definitely not happy.

The conclusion of this long post

If you try to solve restaurants problems by presenting your business as just another online food ordering tool that has some cool features and all this fancy technologies behind it – you will fail miserably.

If you try to solve the same problem by presenting your business as a tool that will save restaurants time and make them money – you will win. Your win will be so epic that your grandchildren will tell stories about you, sitting around the camp fire and eating the food they ordered from a local restaurant, through the app you sold, 40 years ago.


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