Why Tangoo Offers More Value Than Existing Apps and Services

Tangoo and The Cookie Dining have teamed up to give merchant owners an integrated technology solution for their marketing and food delivery needs. Social Media Marketing and Food Delivery have quickly become a necessity for proprietors to be well equipped in as the millennial generation’s expectation continues to rely on learning about and consuming a restaurant’s services in new ways.

Below is more about Tangoo and how they are winning the hearts of consumers and proprietors alike.

Why Consumers love Tangoo

Tangoo’s curated content focuses on cutting through the noise and allowing users to search by the whole experience of a place as opposed to strictly a plate of food. Tangoo delivers contextually relevant and real-time recommendations of expertly-picked restaurants & bars that are guaranteed to build a memorable story between people when they break bread together.

1.Experiential & live recommendations
Dining recommendations are categorizes by the specific experiences they give whether it be the atmosphere and menu speciality or live events and promotions. E.g: Search by romantic atmospheres, best cocktails, best vegan food, live music, or happy hour.

Other apps solely filter by cuisine or a star rating which fails to get granular to why a place is a fit for consumer tastes and the various contexts they are in when they dine out (like romantic date nights, group events that need a private room, or entertaining a visitor who wants to visit a hidden gem with local cocktails and a nice view.

2. Handpicked Thought Leader recommendations
Thought Leaders, that is, expert industry leaders in hospitality, events, and media, create curated lists of places on Tangoo that they personally recommend as being best-in-class for a specific experience. All restaurants, bars, or cafes on Tangoo are handpicked by a Thought Leader or Tangoo.

Other apps clutter their recommendations with every restaurant in a city and fail to do quality control. This makes a consumer indecisive and wastes their time – Tangoo cuts through the nice to find them a place that speaks to their specific needs.

3. Welcome Rewards
Select restaurants on Tangoo offer insider experiences exclusive to Tangoo app users. Rewards can range from chef tables or free drinks/desserts to a bundled 2 for 1 offer.

Other apps offer deep discounts and irrelevant rewards that don’t help enhance a specific experience. For example, if you are on a date, do you rather have 50% off of nachos on Groupon or a complimentary dessert specially prepared by the chef to share with you and your date? The latter is much more personalized and tasteful.

If you personify Tangoo, it’s like having a network of concierges and foodie experts in your pocket that can always listen to your specific needs and narrow down the best close by options.

The typical star rating website personified in the real world would be like someone giving you a Yellow Pages book and telling you to find a restaurant yourself – “it’s all in there!” The problem is that existing apps give guests a directory of showing everything around and task guests to do the work to filter star-rating, long-winded reviews, or cuisine type – would a concierge ever do this in real life? Absolutely not!

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Why Merchants love Tangoo

For businesses, Tangoo is a dynamic media property where restaurants can differentiate, reinforce, and adapt their brands through influencer marketing, live events, and targeted marketing campaigns. Unlike expensive agencies, brand-damaging review sites, and low conversion marketing channels, Tangoo empowers proprietors to ignite their entrepreneurial spark and convert their most compatible patrons.

1. Humanizing a restaurant’s online brand through experiential and live categories
 Millennials make dining decisions at a glance and an online star rating cannot tell the same story as a patron who experienced in the flesh.

Star ratings and information on location and cuisine make it simple to qualify what a restaurant offers but, they don’t differentiate why they are the best choice for a consumer’s specific needs. This is why typical behaviour is to call a friend to ask about the atmosphere, cuisine, and most notable features about the live experience.

Tangoo makes a restaurant’s online brand relatable and trustworthy by working with local experts and thought leaders to categorize restaurants by the experiences that most resonate with patrons. Tangoo then matches their unique experiences with the most targeted customers most likely to convert. When patrons crave a cocktail, a romantic atmosphere, a live event, or the trendiest new place that their Instagram community recommends, Tangoo is the source to match them up with that exact experience they desire.

2. Marketing through expert foodies and influencers
In order to get early feedback and a promotional boost on a new menu or event, restaurant owners need knowledgeable and influential people involved. Tangoo has been built this community through live events and its mobile app for over 5 years and now offers to match relevant influencers with a restaurant promotions to build their stories online through the internet’s most trusted and engaging channel – influencers.

3. Target the right people and the right trends
As the year evolves, trends emerge. Knowing what people are craving most based off seasonality, nearby events, social trends, and a specific neighbourhood is essential to know so a restaurant can be proactive on how they angle their brand and choose their marketing channels.

Tangoo’s data-cataloguing technology allows it to inform restaurants what trends a specific customer persona is most attracted to. This allows them to angle their menu and experience towards the right people and right trends for higher conversion.

Tangoo Thought Leaders

Visit Tangoo at https://tangoo.ca and download their iPhone app here.

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